Mandatory Sustainability Reporting


1. Singapore Stock Exchange Sustainability Reporting Requirement

Annual Report issued for financial year ended on Financial Year Ended 2017。

2. Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Requirement

Businesses in the tourism industry such as travel agencies, hoteliers and airlines will be given a deferment of their monthly tax instalment payments for six (6) months from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020.


This will affect instalment payments from 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020 and the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) clarified in their media release dated 9 March 2020, that an application for the deferment has to be made via a manual form to the Tax Operations Department of the IRB.

Narrative Statement (i)

Detailed Disclosure (ii)

Annual reports issued for financial years ending on or after.
Main Market listed issuers with market capitalisation as at 31 Dec 2015:
≥ RM 2 billion
31 Dec 2016
31 Dec 2016
RM1 – 2 billion

31 Dec 2017

31 Dec 2017

≤ RM 1 billion

31 Dec 2017

31 Dec 2018

ACE Market:

All listed corporations
31 Dec 2018



  • Narrative statement of the management of material economic, environmental and social risk and opportunities
  • Detailed disclosure includes the governance structure, scope of sustainability statement and the management of EES risks and opportunities


More and more stock exchanges recognised the important of Sustainability Reporting and require all the listed companies to disclose their ESG performance as non-financial performance reporting to satisfy the greater demand of transparency from stakeholders. We can assist you in developing your ESG reporting. Our key services include: –


  1. Stakeholder engagement
  2. Sustainability reporting and disclosure
  3. Environment, health & safety
  4. Policy advisory
  5. Report assurance


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