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Mandatory Sustainability Reporting


a. Singapore Stock Exchange Sustainability Reporting Requirement

b. Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Requirement

Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Requirement


More and more stock exchanges recognised the important of Sustainability Reporting and require all the listed companies to disclose their ESG performance as non-financial performance reporting to satisfy the greater demand of transparency from stakeholders.

Our ESG experts at ShineWing TY TEOH can work with you on the following sustainability programs:

  1. Training and Education
    Train your Board, Management, and Employees about the ins and outs of ESG reporting globally and within your region. We provide
    education coverage on these key matters:
    1. Introduction to ESG
    2. ESG and Sustainability Reporting
      1. Existing and Upcoming Regulations
      2. Corporate Governance
      3. The Role of the Board of Directors, Management, and Operating Departments
      4. Establishing and Communicating Policies
      5. Benefits and Remuneration Disclosures
      6. ESG Preparedness
      7. Dealing with GHG emissions
      8. Your Value Chain and their impact
      9. Employee and Customer Considerations
    3. Accounting and Reporting ESG-related assets and transactions
    4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  2. ESG Risk and Opportunities Assessment
    Revisit existing process, procedures, and controls to identify risks and opportunities to help management address risks and seize opportunities aligned with emerging market trends particularly on environment, health & safety.
  3. Policy advisory and creation
    In compliance with sustainability regulations, identify needs on policies to establish and assist management in preparing and executing the relates policies and controls.
  4. Stakeholder engagement
    Identify, plan, develop and implement required engagement mechanisms with your stakeholders.
  5. Sustainability reporting and disclosure
    Prepare regulatory compliant sustainability reports that meets stakeholder needs and expectations.
  6. Accounting and reporting ESG-related assets and transactions
    Account and report ESG related transactions including Carbon Credits, Renewable Energy Credits, Carbon Offsets, Investments on ESG-linked funds/securities, etc.
  7. Report assurance
    Provide assurance on your sustainability transactions and reports.
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