Founded in 2002, ShineWing TY TEOH is a leading regional accounting and consulting firm with office presences in Malaysia to provide a diverse spectrum of business solutions and consulting services to public listed companies, Fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations, representing a cross section of major industries.

ShineWing TY TEOH is Approved and Registered Auditors of (i) The Audit Oversight Board, Malaysia; (ii) Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, USA; (iii) Labuan Financial Services Authority, Malaysia.

ShineWing TY TEOH is an independent member firm of ShineWing International and Praxity, and joint venture partner of GreaterChina Professional Services Limited for valuation advisory and strategic business partner of Quantera Global for transfer pricing advisory.

ShineWing International is a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms, consistently ranked as Top 20 largest accounting network by the World Survey of International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) and the winner for the category “Rising Star Network” for the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Awards.

GCA TY TEOH Valuation is group member of Greater China Professional Services Limited (8193.HK), and a leading regional valuation specialist in the valuation of business & intangible assets, financial instrument and derivatives, mineral and energy, and contingent assets & liability.

Praxity is an award-winning alliance of global independent accountancy, tax and business consulting firms, and the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting firms by the World Survey of International Accounting Bulletin. Praxity has 64 participating firms in 103 countries with 630 locations and 42,000 professionals.

Quantera Global is one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firms, providing specialist transfer pricing services to multinationals of all sizes across the globe in satisfying all aspects of their transfer pricing design, and implementation, compliance and risk management requirements.


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