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SW International hosted its 2022 Managing Partners Forum

managing partners forum-2022
SW International hosted its 2022 Managing Partners Forum on 9 August 2022, bringing together SW International’s Board Members and Managing Partners from 17 countries/regions. The on-line forum focused on recent network developments, strategic business co-operation, professional services, audit quality, and talents recruitment.

Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of SW International, presented statistics on the network’s steady growth over the years. He acknowledged the lead role of managing partners who acted as the navigators steering the direction of their firms. He continued, “In a turbulent period of economic, political and social volatility, SW remains agile and independent in providing world-class professional services.”

Mr. Marco Carlei, Managing Director of SW International, shared SW international’s development strategy and strategic planning of talents retention through the network’s global mobility program. He said, “Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, South Africa and Western Europe will continue to be the key areas of focus for SW International. When selecting our future partners, our priorities are quality of work, service capability, as well as brand and culture.”

Mr. Mauricio Benitez, International Partner of BLTA, together with Mr. Ricardo Ihnen and Mr. Tsz-Hsin Shen, Managing Partner and Partner of Eluchans, both SW International members in Chile, made an introduction of their respective firms’ historical origins, organisational structure, professional teams and service offerings. In particular, they shared how the implementation of China-Latin America economic and trade and the “Belt and Road” initiative in Latin America aligned with SW International’s growth strategy.

Ms. Leanne Liang, Chair of SW International’s Quality Management Committee and Ms. Eve Wang, Global Monitoring Leader, elaborated on SW International’s globally co-ordinated monitoring program and process. Ms. Liang added, “SW International’s FoF membership has demonstrated that our network’s auditing and financial reporting practises are in line with international requirements and standards.”

Mr. Roy Lo, Board Member of SW International and Managing Partner of SW Hong Kong, continued with the various brand and marketing initiatives. He said, “We are planning to launch a global community engagement campaign which is set to run concurrently across all SW member firms. The campaign celebrates our commitment to collectively making philanthropic efforts through volunteering activities or charity opportunities in the communities where we live and work.”

Mr. Kunal Mehra, Managing Partner of SW India, introduced SW India’s newly established Global Shared Services. He stated, “Offshore services provide a myriad of benefits to business looking to maintain a competitive edge. This is not only cost effective, but also enables businesses to enhance efficiency and have access to global pool of workforce.”

The Managing Partners Forum drew upon insights from our member firms, while highlighting the importance of resilience amid changes in the global landscape at all times. With our continued focus on quality and independence, we look forward to serving both global and Chinese enterprises with a broader vision and accelerating their successes.