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The First Managing Partners Video Conference

On 14 May 2020, ShineWing International hosted its first Managing Partners video conference. Along with all the ShineWing International Board Members, all Managing Partners of the ShineWing international network covering 14 different countries and regions also joined the event, namely China, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, UK, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Germany. The video conference was chaired by Mr. Marco Carlei, the Managing Director of ShineWing International.

Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of the ShineWing International, delivered an opening speech and shared his insights on the tremendous impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the global market, covering production, work methods, supply chain, lifestyle and many other areas. All Managing Partners have reported the latest working status of their regional offices and it is inevitable that every member firm is enduring the shock wave of this pandemic to a certain extent. For this reason, all Partners have come up with a consensus that we should take this opportunity to enhance the internal IT infrastructure to strengthen the operating modes, re-examine and transform the existing business models and explore any flexible work methods beyond time and location constraints. Going forward, all ShineWing member firms are encouraged to turn the challenges posed by the outbreak into a driving force in order to actively explore new business opportunities and reduce operating costs.

All Managing Partners from the 14 member firms had also exchanged their views on their local policies and actions in response to the epidemic, the material impact brought by the pandemic to the firm in their local markets, the future development plans and the expectations on the strategic goals of ShineWing International.

Facing the daunting challenges caused by COVID-19, ShineWing International has still demonstrated high agility and coherency in its global development. For example, ShineWing Indonesia admitted 5 new partners and now has more than 100 staff in total; ShineWing Pakistan launched another new office in its capital, Islamabad; ShineWing India has recruited two new partners who are specializing in taxation and Information & Technology respectively enhancing our service capability in new technology, automation and digital business. Besides, member firms in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand have also made significant achievements in diversifying business portfolios and sourcing new clients.

Under the on-going pandemic, all member firms have adopted a strict prevention policy to ensure the health and safety of our staff. We have implemented adequate workplace policies and prevention measures to minimize the chance of virus infection, including allowing remote working and requiring mandatory health declaration.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Marco Carlei stressed that ShineWing International would continue to expand the presence in Europe and Latin America. He encouraged all Managing Partners to actively engage in business exchanges and experience sharing in order to realize the full potential of the global network and to empower the connectivity with the clients.

ShineWing International will continue to strive for continued growth along with our strategic roadmap, navigate new business opportunities through challenges and enhance our competitiveness and presence in the global markets.