What are Payroll Processing Services & How Do They Work?

Payroll processing and HR services are critical in running any type of business or company. However, you will need professional accounting services for this purpose because it can be quite challenging to manage the work by yourself when you are focusing on other aspects of the business.


Moreover, you should know that payroll processing is much more than just doing some calculations or keeping records. In fact, it involves keeping up with the latest rules and regulations to make sure your company complies with the law.


Payroll management is also important to make sure your staff is paid accurately and on time as per the legal regulations. As a result, many companies rely on outsourced accounting services in Malaysia so that experts and professional accountants can manage the accounting and payroll processes.


Following are the seven main steps involved in payroll processing services:

1. Gather Employee Information

The first step of payroll management is to gather the essential information about the staff of a company. Such information about the employees typically includes background details, full job application, insurance forms, retirement plan documents, and bank information.


The purpose of this step is to maintain thorough records about the people working in a company.

2. Define Payroll Policy

The amount of money that you pay to your employees is impacted by a number of factors. For instance, the leave and benefits policy of your company will impact the overall wages and salaries of the employees. Other factors like attendance and performance can also affect the salaries.


Therefore, it is highly important that a uniform payroll policy is developed so that payroll and HR services are performed as per the required standards.


Moreover, the employees should also be properly informed about the way your business manages payroll services. They should be familiar with the paycheck schedule and how your company will record the work hours.

3. Payroll Calculation

This is where the actual payroll calculation is performed after gathering the inputs in the previous stages. The result of these calculations is the net pay after making adjustments like taxes and insurance deductions.


If you have hired professional accounting services in Malaysia, you will have no issue with these processes because experts will be handling them.


Accountants familiar with the local taxes and deductions know exactly what type of federal, state, and local taxes have to be deducted from the net payment. Similarly, when the accountants calculate wages, they will know which deductions have to be made while paying the employees.

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4. Payroll Accounting

Professional payroll and HR services make sure that thorough records are maintained of the financial transactions so that the company does not run into any issues at a later stage when they need the documents.


Organizations have to keep these records because salaries are one of the most important operating costs, so they must be recorded in the financial documents.

5. Payout

There are different options to pay the salaries to your employees. Generally, medium and large companies prefer to pay their staff through bank transfers.


Therefore, once the payroll process is completed, the accountants will make sure that there are enough funds in the company’s accounts to pay the employees’ salaries.

6. Reporting

Once the entire payroll is completed for a specific month, the finance and HR department will work together to prepare reports for each department and employee cost in terms of their position at the company.


It is the responsibility of the payroll officer to collect all of the required data, prepare thorough reports, and share them with the management. 

7. Scalability

Accounting services in Malaysia also help you in fulfilling your requirements, even when your business is growing. This kind of scalability is typically difficult when you have in-house payroll management services, while it is quite easy for accounting firms in Malaysia.  

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In a Nutshell

Payroll processing has become quite complex over time. Organizations have to be on their toes to avoid any issues in legal compliance and facing potential employee lawsuits.

As a result, accounting services in Malaysia will use all of the modern tools and technology to streamline the payroll management of a business and ensure maximum compliance.

Companies that do not use such professional services face issues in keeping up with the modern trends of the industry, and their entire business could be adversely affected.

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