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Are You Ready to Go Public?

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What We Can Do For You?

Based on our decades of experience on initial public offerings and secondary listings, the most important success criteria are:


  • Rather than viewing the initial public offering as merely a transaction, approach it as a transformational process
  • At least one year prior to the initial public offering, behave and conduct your business as if it is a public corporation.
  • Outperforming competitors on key performance measures prior to, during, and after the first public offering (IPO).

If you take a methodical approach to both the preparation and life after listing, you will be able to cut costs and save time while also reducing the uncertainty you face. This begins between 12 and 24 months before going public with strategic considerations and planning for an initial public offering:

International IPO Listing

The Phase of Strategic Considerations and IPO Planning (12-24 Months Before IPO)

  • External IPO advisors selection support
  • Internal controls, internal audit, risk and compliance management
  • GAAP conversion into international accounting standards, e.g., IFRS or US GAAP
  • Segment reporting and CSR reporting establishment
  • Improvement of fast closing ability and attractive IT systems to meet financial disclosure periods
  • Preparation of the financial disclosure and internal investor relations organization
  • Services implementing corporate governance structures

The Phase of IPO preparation (6-12 Months Before IPO)

  • IPO readiness health check and IPO destination assessments with the purpose of identifying deficiencies and establishing an initial IPO base case
  • IPO and strategic options road map and resource planning service
  • IPO project management
  • Business modeling to fine-tune equity story and KPI reporting
  • Valuation to prepare for analyst discussions
  • Services to improve forecasting systems for analyst guidance
  • IPO vehicle and transparent group structure establishment
  • Tax optimization and planning at personal, shareholder and company level
  • IPO fact book

Getting ready for an IPO means certain changes must be made on the company, such as:

  • Organization change
  • Leadership and management responsibilities
  • Transparency
  • Ownership structure and control
  • Leading financial organization
  • Delivering on promises to investors

Potential Changes of an IPO after Assessment

We conduct IPO readiness assessments to assist you in identifying the most important changes that must be made.


To begin, we examine the capital agenda as well as the IPO as a potential strategic option. We will assist you to analyse what life will be like as a public company by analysing the benefits and drawbacks of an initial public offering (IPO), as well as comparing the relative merits of a multitrack approach.


Understanding the IPO markets is essential; as a result, we provide you with the data that will assist you in acting at the optimal time, as well as in-depth market analysis that assists you in making that choice. Next, we present to you the data that will assist you in doing so.


We evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of listing a business either domestically or internationally.


Last but not least, we assist you to determine what to prioritize to prepare for life as a public company.

Discussion on audit

Our assessments will enable you to:

  • Prioritise your remediating actions
  • Determine the issues that can be resolved internally and those that might need assistance from outside sources.
  • Focus resources
  • Implement a roadmap for remediation and expedite compliance for potential future IPO
  • Establish a realistic IPO timeline

Why conduct an IPO readiness assessment?

It doesn’t matter if your initial public offering (IPO) is scheduled for the near future or if it’s still just an aspiration; the preparation work might be challenging. A review identifies chances to bring work forward, which helps the management team feel less pressure as the date of the initial public offering (IPO) draws closer. According to our past experiences, only the most well-prepared businesses are in a position to capitalise on the opportunity and fulfil the conditions set by investors.

What does the IPO readiness assessment include?

In most cases, the assessment will focus on key areas that are specific to initial public offerings (IPOs) on the majority of the major stock markets. The report will include insightful and practical recommendations. It will also identify all potential future hurdles, allowing you to begin addressing them beforehand.

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