What do You need to Know About Staff Placement Services?

For companies, being able to hire the best job candidates for the right position is a combination of many different factors, especially in this digital era. However, not every business has the right tools and knowledge to hire the best people. 


In such a situation, professional staff placement services play an integral role in helping all types of companies to find the best talents. The purpose of a staffing agency is to act as a bridge between employees and employers. 


Ultimately, hiring qualified candidates for the job means the company can expect a significant boost in its productivity and efficiency. 


In this article, you will learn all of the important aspects of staff placement services, so keep reading.

What is a Staff Placement Agency?

A staff placement agency is a company that hires employees for a business based on their requirements. A reliable staff placement agency is one that offers a wide range of staff placement services, such as temporary hiring, temp-to-hire, and direct hire.  


Generally, companies that provide hiring services have a large talent pool, so whenever a business contacts them to fill a particular position, they can provide the best candidate for it. 


However, if a recruitment agency does not have an available candidate, it will advertise the position on different job finding platforms. 


There are also specialized recruitment agencies. For instance, certain accounting firm in Malaysia do provide professional staff placement services for their clients.

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Five General Steps of Staff Placement Services

The exact process of staff placement services can greatly vary from agency to agency. The following are the five steps involved in the process in general:

  1. The employer contacts a recruitment agency to discuss their needs, such as job responsibilities, the number of employees required, and salary.
  2. The hiring agency creates a thorough job description to attract the most suitable candidates.
  3. Professional staff placement experts vet the candidates and choose the most suitable individual for the available job. It is also possible that the recruitment agency provides a list of 2-5 candidates so that the employer can make the best choice.
  4. The employer checks all of the information and makes the decision to hire the chosen candidate(s).
  5. Agency handles all of the paperwork and completes the hiring process.

Benefits of Using Staff Placement Services

There are numerous benefits to using professional staff placement services to improve the speed and quality of the hiring process. You can use staff placement services to get the following benefits, whether you’re looking for a full-time worker or a freelancer:

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1. Quick Hiring

There have been tremendous changes in the job market in the last few years. Technology is a big part of the hiring process these days, and if you use professional hiring experts, you can make sure that all of the latest tools and methods are used to quickly fill a position.

2. Minimum Workload

A huge benefit of professional staff placement services is that company owners and managers can focus on core business activities instead of lengthy recruitment procedures.


As a result, employers don’t have to worry about spending too much time going through resumes and interviewing candidates. Instead, they can rely on staff placement experts to do it.

3. Specialized Hiring

The skills, experience, and overall quality of the employees of a company make a huge impact on its success and productivity. It is important to hire people with experience or qualifications in technical positions.


When a company’s own HR department handles the hiring process, they usually don’t know much about the details of a certain field, like accounting. As a result, hiring for specialized positions is either impossible or too expensive using internal hiring procedures.


On the other hand, professional staff placement service providers have a huge pool of talents that specialized in different fields. As such, they can ensure that the best individuals are hired for a position such as for accounting.


Using staff placement services is a smart way to hire the best talents and maximize your company’s success. 


Moreover, the kind of benefits offered by professional recruiters is not possible in internal recruitment procedures, especially in small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, by engaging a staff placement service, companies can enjoy all the aforementioned benefits.